Limmud Baltics, 2024

For the last 30 years Eastern European countries were considered as a territory with a constant decreasing Jewish population due to emigration and growing assimilation. This is definitely a case which requires attention and study, but at the same time, Jewish Eastern European communities show a tremendous growth in Jewish initiatives and innovation.

Limmud Baltics has been operating successfully in the Jewish community across the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) for over 6 years. During this period of time they have organized 3 large-scale Limmud events (attracting arounf 200-250 people each time), several local gatherings and volunteer training sessions.

This beautiful project has gained the trust and respect from the Jewish communities across the Baltic states, Israel and other countries in Europe during recent years.
Every Limmud Baltics conference has its own meaning and was done in some sort of innovative way.

The very first Limmud Baltics conference took place in 2017 and showed that the organizational team is able to create a successful event from scratch. The main focus of the event was to create a Jewish edutainment conference, which would set a new standard for Jewish social gatherings in the Baltic states.

Limmud Baltics 2019 brought new challenges and achievements. It was the first conference with an established independent NGO Limmud Baltics MTÜ, managing to attract even more volunteers and participants.

Limmud in the Woods 2022 festival was dedicated to understanding our Jewish experience through our common memories. Limmud Baltics team seeks to create a vision for the future of the Jewish presence in the region.

Limmud Baltics 2024 Festival asked an important question “How our common past and present forms the future of Jewish communities in the Baltic states?

With this main topic, participants searched for the answer with some more questions:
– How do modern technologies influence Jewish tradition?
– What is modern Jewish art and culture and where does it move in future?
– What is the past, present and future of Yiddish language?
– What is the future of Jewish communities in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?
– What happens with language, traditions and relations with the state?

Limmud Baltics 2024 conference became a common forum for sharing ideas and visions of Jewish life in future Europe in general and the Baltics in particular.

Jewish world was shaken by the events that happened in Israel on October 7, 2023. the unprecedented attack by Hamas terrorists could leave no person indifferent to the pain it caused. Multiple pro-Palestinian rallies were organized in many cities across the world, many of them turning to basic antisemitism. These tragic events have impacted the Diaspora as well. Increased insecurity for Jewish sites and events, tense and even hostile environments and, as a result, permanent state of fear and stress follows Jews all over the world.

Limmud Baltics sees its mission to empower Jews living in the Baltic states to stand their grounds with Israel and the whole Jewish world. The organisers feel that a global Jewish family is one of the most important means of how to live through these times. Thus we see Limmud Baltics platform as a unique possibility to connect Jewish and non-Jewish participants from all the Baltics and the outer world.

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