Holocaust Remembrance Program in Moldova “Lest Be Forgotten”


The purpose of the program is to combat Anti-Semitism, fascism and xenophobia and promote Holocaust remembrance in Moldova. Although sometimes with very sober pages, Moldova has a rich Jewish history which has to be known and important lessons should be learnt out of the sad history of Holocaust in Moldova to avoid its repetition. In this regard, the Jewish Community of the Republic of Moldova launches a program aims to implement:

– Education activities and commemorative Holocaust and Anti-Semitic sober calendar dates, meetings during 2013 to perpetuate the memory of innocent victims, remembering the acts of bravery of those who survived, defended and stopped the horror.

-Functional and informative web pages to better disseminate, present and share the information with the larger community and other representatives of the civil society in Moldova and abroad.

-Active young members of the community who are aware of the tragedies of the past and believe and work for a strong Jewish Community.

-Awareness rising and combating of Anti-Semitism, Xenophobia and any other manifestations of intolerance within young people effectively addressing the issues of general human rights and diversity values.


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