Limmud Lithuania 2019

Limmud Lithuania 2019

The Lithuanian Jewish Community (LJC) held its annual Limmud conference between 15-17 March 2019 in the southern Lithuanian spa town of Druskininkai. Members of the community came together to celebrate Shabbat and take part in many interesting lectures.

The Limmud tradition is about Jewishness and identity. In the words of LJC programs director Žana Skudovičienė, veteran Limmud organiser, this tradition demands a lot of work, energy and ingenuity. The conference counted with a heavy attendance from LJC members and young families with toddlers, as well as many guests including from Lithuania’s Roma community.

This year’s Limmud seemed more intimate than in former years, according to attendees, with Jews gathering from all over Lithuania, less formal speeches and more music, dance and fun–with a real spirit of yidishkayt.

Jewish Community of Lithuania managed to bring together an outstanding programme. Throughout the Conference, participants had the opportunity to attend  lectures, religious ceremonies, discussions, performances, master class cooking courses, book presentations, movie screenings, which allowed participants to experience various aspects of Jewish life.  Other sessions included advice on seniors on a healthy lifestyles and a wine degustation organised by world-renowned experts.

Shabbat services and evening meal were accompanied by the traditional Jewish music and songs and free time was accompanied by activities that introduced Jewish traditions to all participants.