Young Jewish Artists

The Jewish Community Centre of Krakow

The Jewish Community Centre is the primary institution providing social, educational and community-oriented services to the Jewish community of Kraków. The JCC is devoted to nothing less than the revival of Jewish life in Kraków. All of its actions – from outreach to education, from artistic and intellectual endeavors to social activities – work in conjunction to create one large umbrella project aimed at serving the city’s Jewish community and maintaining continuity.

In the coming year The Jewish Community Centre plan to initialize a program, which focuses on promoting young artists who work in the area of Krakow and other parts of Poland – “YJA – Young Jewish Artists”. The program would be conducted as a series of four exhibitions and meetings with young artists working in Poland who connect to their Jewish heritage through art. By exposing members of the JCC and Jewish guests to art created by young polish Jews the organizers plan to show the richness of the Jewish tradition that serves as the inspiration for contemporary art. The final stage of the program (the fourth exhibition) will focus on presenting the works and life of Henryk Berlewi a Polish – Jewish painter, graphic designer and art critic, whose work remains relatively unknown both amongst polish and foreign guests.

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