Centropa Professional Development Seminar in Berlin


The main aim of Cenropa’s educational programmes is to create a European-wide network for history and English teachers of Jewish schools. Centropa seminars act as a professional development course and meant to provide teachers with a platform so they can share best practices and learn from one another on how to use new technologies, digital storytelling, English and Holocaust education—all in a single course.

Following the success of Centropa’s Summer Academy and seminar for teachers from European Jewish schools took place in Berlin in February 2013; Centropa’s team organized another teachers ‘seminar in Frankfurt. Three day seminar in Frankfurt took place close to the date of the assassination of the Austrian Archduke in Sarajevo in June, 1914. During this seminar the organizers how to use their website and database, also presentations were given by veteran teachers who already used Centropa’s materials and have the experience how to create and use lesson plans or conduct successful projects.


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