The Beit Project – Revealing the Invisible


2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

“Revealing the Invisible” introduces a different overall approach to Jewish heritage, placing emphasis on preserving and using the memory of places that are in the public space of many European cities, sometimes in very central areas, just in front of our eyes, but remain completely unknown to residents and visitors as “Jewish sites.” They are “invisible” and their traces are almost completely lost, although the story they could tell about the relationships between communities is extremely relevant for understanding contemporary European society and the challenges it faces.

Maintaining the vibrancy of Jewish heritage is not only about preservation, but also about revealing relevant meanings, not only for Jewish communities, but for society at large. Our project is aimed at identifying and valorizing “invisible” sites with three complementary elements: network-based European research; professional training for educators and guides; and the publication of an on-line open resource Jewish heritage atlas that highlights the constructive complexity of these sites.

This “geographical atlas,” which includes multi-layered information and analysis of “invisible” Jewish heritage sites, consists, to start with, of twenty sites in seven European cities, four that were developed during last academic year (2013–14) (Berlin, Paris, Brussels, and Barcelona) and three that will be added during 2015 (London, Lodz, and Rome). The atlas will be in an open digital format that will be further enhanced by other heritage specialists all over Europe.

The objective is to disseminate the researched material about these sites, covering major European cities in order to enrich the work of local educators and provide on-line consultation for visitors.



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