Promoting the Visibility of the Jewish Community in the Serbian Environment



The Federation of Jewish Communities intends, during 2015, to mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the WWI, and join other cultural institutions and museums in Serbia in a broad range of activities marking this important, and, in terms of many parameters, crucial historical period for Serbia and its citizens. The aim of this project is to revive the memory on the centuries-long mutual influence between Serbs and Jews; the intertwining of these two different cultures in all segments of society; and the mutual work aimed at the progress and improvement of the state in which the Jews lived as loyal citizens, sharing the same destiny as Serbian people. In order to do this, this year and for the next several years to come, FJC Serbia plans to join the whole series of activities with which the State will mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning and end of WWI. The intention of the Federation is to turn the attention of the Serbian public to the immeasurable contribution of the Jewish Community in Serbia throughout history, not only in times of peace but also in the wars and battles for the liberation and preservation of the common homeland.

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