Perseverance of the Jewish Community of Serbia (PGUD project)


The PGUD project represents the sum of intertwining and inseparable efforts and activities of the FJC Serbia aimed at 4 essential and equally important segments of the Jewish life in Serbia:

– Jewish Religious and National Identity Preservation (through continual practice of tradition and observance of commandments) – PERSEVERANCE
– Community Social Life for the purpose of nurturing the unity of the Community and social care of the membership –GATHERING and CARE
– Continuous Education of Jewish Community Membership, specially focused on education and raising of new leaders among the young members of our community –UPBRINGING
– Permanent Struggle against the Rise of anti-Semitism, Hatred and Xenophobia –DIALOGUE

This program addresses religious, youth, social, educational, cultural and anti-Semitic issues. It gives a comprehensive layout of the community activities with procedures for resolving current difficulties. Each of the project segments is aimed to develop, promote, and preserve the Jewish life in Serbia, to raise, educate and offer guidance to the young generation in order that the best among them, in the future, are able to take over the responsibility for leading the Community. A special emphasize has been put to the transparency and openness toward the non-Jewish Serbian environment, other religious confessions and national minorities. This project presents an attempt to secure the existence of the Jewish Community of Serbia, its unity and Jewish awareness, in the struggle with the crisis, diverse and acute obstacles and present difficulties in the Serbian society.


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