Montenegro’s Jewish Community Celebrates European Days of Jewish Culture 2023

The Jewish community of Montenegro joined in the celebration of the “European Days of Jewish Culture” on September 5th in Podgorica, which this year was held under the motto “Remembrance.”

An opening ceremony took place in a beautiful environment, surrounded by greenery in front of Kusile’s house, which is an integral part of the state institution “Museums and Galleries of Podgorica.” Official representatives of the state of Montenegro and the diplomatic corps, as well as members of the Jewish community of Montenegro and other interested citizens – around a hundred people in total – were in attendance.

The Israeli ambassador to Serbia and Montenegro, Jahel Vilan, addressed the audience. He reminded them that the day dedicated to Jewish culture in Europe has been celebrated since 1999 and is now celebrated in 24 European countries with the idea of presenting the richness and diversity of Judaism to local communities.

In the introduction speech on behalf of the Jewish Community of Montenegro, Supreme Rabbi of Montenegro Luciano Mose Prelevic spoke. He pointed out that Jews are always strongly connected to the country they live in, so their culture is always mixed with the culture of the country they reside in. One aspect of this manifestation, added Prelevic, is the open doors of the synagogue. However, he hopes that Podgorica will soon have its own religious building.

The event was officially opened by Mrs. Olivera Injac, the Mayor of Podgorica. She emphasized the idea that memories are the timeless treasures of the heart, and this is an opportunity to remember everything that the Jewish community has enriched our society with.

This event gave all participants the opportunity to become better acquainted with Jewish history, discussing the deep roots of Jewish culture, which have extended throughout Europe for centuries, said Injac, adding that “by speaking the language of art, as Miodraga Bulatović does, we connect more strongly and enrich ourselves with our differences.”

Subsequently, participants enjoyed a beautiful concert titled “Jewish Music Through Time,” performed by the Montenegrin Chamber Orchestra conducted by Mrs. Sara Arijana Serhatlić. Also, the exhibition “Moša Pijade – About Revolution and Art,” organized by curator Mrs. Nela Gligorović, was opened in Kolev’s house. The exhibition contains photo-documentation and a narrative segment about the political and artistic activities of Mose Pijade, one of the key figures of Yugoslav society in the 20th century. The exhibition was created based on materials from the Jewish Historical Museum in Belgrade.

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