The Jewish Information and Outreach Center 2016

In 2015, the Jewish Community of Denmark decided to establish The Jewish Information and Outreach Center. Their vision was and still is to create a structured approach in reaching out to schools and NGOs and to educate them about the Jewish minority in Denmark with the overall aim to strengthen the Jewish community and Jewish life in Denmark in general.  Through this project, the Center gives the opportunity to public school and high school youths to visit the synagogue and the Jewish community house offering them information and knowledge about Judaism and Jewishness in Denmark, specific teaching tools to teachers and educators about the Holocaust, Holocaust Denial and the Middle East conflict.


The Jewish Information and Outreach Centre officially opened in the fall of 2016. Throughout this year, the JIC has proved its value regarding its main goals of:


  • combating Antisemitism and religious intolerance by providing access to and openness about Jewish life to non-Jews;
  • increasing the general knowledge about Judaism and Jewish life.
  • strengthening the Jewish community and empower individual members of the community by increasing these individuals’ responsibility regarding this effort.
  • promoting and support the dialogue with Muslim organizations.

A professional web page has been as well developed. The page provides welcoming, pedagogical and unique material about Judaism, tradition and history, as well as Antisemitism and the Holocaust, Jewish history and Danish Jewish history. Information is provided through texts as well as to a large extend through video and other visual media.

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