College Hadracha


The goal of the Turkish Jewish Community and College Hadracha is to create an initiative where community youth will have the possibility to explore and develop its identity while absorbing Judaism in its different aspects, such as history, religion, culture, literature, poetry, and philosophy. The goal of this programme is to create a master programme through which youth will become volunteers in the community. The programme also provides fundamental tools in marketing, fundraising, and strategic communication.

In order to realize this vision, Hadracha Seminars were organized twice a year with up to 120 participants – out of which the Hadracha group was selected. Seminars are held with lecturers from different fields, such as presidents of various associations of the Turkish community, journalists, and specialists on the Middle East conflict, stressing the issues of Israel-Arab relations, human rights, communication skills, and public relations. The other main goal of this project is to emphasize that Jewish identity is a whole entity that embraces religious education, music, literature, intellectuals, obscure periods, and philosophy.

The project has achieved successful results in the six years of Hadracha College activities. Its graduates have started to work inside communities, and by creating a database of possible targets, they have implemented their ideas professionally. Within the context of the project, students invite famous professionals in their field and organize round table meetings. The Turkish Jewish Community is also planning to add personal improvement programmes which will bring to light young people’s leadership qualities.

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Hadracha College 2015

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Hadracha College 2014

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Hadracha College 2013

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 Hadracha College 2011

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Hadracha College 2010

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