The Association is established to pursue the following objectives:

  • Assisting Jews and Jewish Communities throughout Europe in promoting activities relating to European Jewry, Jewish Communities, and communal Pan-European organizations.


  • Supporting European Jewish culture, tradition and highlighting key Jewish contributors to society and their achievements in culture, art, music and science.


  • Supporting and contributing to Jewish institutions and organizations throughout Europe, including national, regional, sub-regional and communal.


  • Fighting anti-Semitism and other forms of religious, cultural and/or racial discrimination. Promoting respect, tolerance and cooperation between people of different national, cultural, ethnic, racial and/or religious backgrounds or affiliations.


  • Supporting organizations and institutions involved with Holocaust remembrance.


  • Human rights throughout Europe as stipulated by the International Bill of Human Rights of the United Nations, the European Convention on Human Rights and help implement human rights programs, including those in cooperation with UNESCO.


  • Closer ties between European Jewry, and its communal institutions, with the State of Israel.


  • Educational, cultural and welfare related programs and activities for the benefit of Jews across the world, including the State of Israel.


  • International conferences that openly discuss and help find solutions to the problems and challenges facing European Jewry.