Serge Rozen

Serge Rozen

President of The Coordinating Committee of Belgian Jewish Organisations

Serge Rozen is a 63 years old Belgian citizen. He is married to Liliane Fiszlewicz and has one son.

He is a civil engineer from the University of Brussels and holds a Master in Business from the Boston University.

Serge Rozen has spent his professional career as a manager and executive in multinational companies active in the oil and petrochemical businesses.  He later joined the professional services firm Deloitte where he became a partner in their business consulting activities.


Serge Rozen was elected president of the Coordination Committee of the Jewish organizations of Belgium (CCOJB) in March 2015 for a 3 years term. The CCOJB is federating about 40 Jewish organizations active in the fields of culture, education, and sports and is the civil voice of the Jewish community of Belgium. It aims to maintain the memory of the Holocaust, to actively combat all forms of anti-Semitism and support the State of Israel. The CCOJB is the Belgian affiliate of the European Jewish Congress.